​​K a t h r y n  G i v r e  F i n e  A r t

The joy I feel when photographing the desert garden in springtime knows no bounds! Richly colored blossoms burst forth from dull grayish-green foliage; indeed a disparate event. Playing with the resultant photos in Photoshop further allows me to explore the unique qualities of each image, feeding my artist brain.

Grand (and not so grand) architecture is another fascination. The lines of a crumbling mission, adobe brick laid down by an ancient bricklayer, brightly painted doors or gates which beckon entrance...all evoke stirrings of my artist soul.

Thank you for viewing my photographs. It is my hope that you found something in my work that gave you solace, renewed your faith in the beauty of our world, and perhaps even challenged you to see your world a bit differently.

I am fascinated with macro photography because of the potential to see such detail: the smallest hairs on a stem, grains of pollen on a petal, tiny colonies of lichen clinging tenaciously to a rock. Each one a small miracle!