“Every painting is a self-portrait. The more cultivated the concept, the more one’s life is contained in every brushstroke, and each is a reflection of the painter’s acumen - grace - refinement and view of life.”
    ~~ David Leffel

“A successful painting is not the result of a thousand correct choices but of a thousand corrections.”
    ~~ Mitchell Albala

Desert Descent

12" x 18"
For sale at Assuage Gallery in Casa Grande, AZ

I was first introduced to the magic of color and form as a young child while watching my great-aunt, Agnes Hunt, an accomplished artist who lived in Portland, Oregon, paint delicate florals and landscapes in watercolor. Although my aunt diligently tried to guide her young student, I was not very attentive and wandered artistically for many years.

Eventually those long-ago-planted seeds sprouted and bore fruit! In recent years I have found my true, authentic self. Now I love to paint. No, I have a passion to paint! I have been fortunate enough to study under Jeff Kimbler, Stephanie Birdzall, Julie Gilbert Pollard,  Albert Handell,  and Richard McKinley. Now there is no greater joy than losing myself in the creation of a piece of art and rendering that magical moment!

I invite you to browse and dream as it is my hope that you will find in my work something that inspires you as much as it did me when I painted it. 

~~~ Kathryn Givre

​​K a t h r y n  G i v r e  F i n e  A r t