​​K a t h r y n  G i v r e  F i n e  A r t

Kathryn Givre is largely a self-taught artist whose love of color and the Sonoran desert has defined her artistic journey. When she embarked on her art career she was careful to seek out many gifted artists to assist her in her journey: Albert Handell, Richard McKinley, Rebecca Crowell, Jerry McLaughlin, Michael Chesley-Johnson, Liz Kenyon, and Stephanie Birdzall.

Kathryn works in several mediums but generally considers herself a colorist with Impressionistic leanings. When painting in oil or pastel each painting is designed and executed in order that the “spirit of place” is rendered with authenticity, yet in a soft and painterly manner. When painting in encaustic or cold wax, a more abstract style emerges and Kathryn’s love of the desert’s topography, geology, and flora is expressed in living color, often with the use of mixed media. Typically, while hiking or traveling through the desert, Kathryn looks and waits for that magical moment when the desert speaks to her and she knows a painting is there, calling out to her. She is especially desirous that the viewer also experiences that same magic...the light and atmosphere, the texture and nuance, the intrinsic color and beauty of this sacred land we call the Sonoran Desert.

When not painting, Kathryn enjoys sharing her passion for art through teaching. She is represented by several Arizona galleries: Assuage Gallery in Casa Grande, Casa Sedona in Sedona, and Toscana Gallery in Tucson.

Kathryn resides in Casa Grande, Arizona with her husband, Henry, a loving and untiring champion. She has three children, all of whom have been a grand source of encouragement, and two beautiful granddaughters (both budding artists).

In the words of the artist, “It is my hope that you will find in my work something that inspires you as much as it did me when I painted it”.

 ARTIST’S STATEMENT: The Spirit of Fine Art

 My subjects of choice are typically landscapes or flora indigenous to either the Sonoran desert or the Pacific Northwest.   The beauty of these vastly different regions quite simply entrances me. Searching for and finding the subtle yet vibrant beauty of the Sonoran desert is like finding a rare and precious artifact where one was not expected to exist. It is magic!

In a very different way the fertile and varied landscape of the Pacific Northwest calms my soul and restores to me a sense of belonging. Although I approach these two unique regions from different perspectives, my artistic intent is to gift the viewer with a glimpse of the intense emotion I feel when first I lay eyes on, and my soul reacts to, the immanent beauty of the land.

Working with beeswax, oil, or pastel, my mediums of choice, is tremendously satisfying because of the inherent vibrancy of each medium. That said, I often begin a painting with only a “ghost” of an idea of what I wish to convey. As the painting begins to unfold, often through the use of drawing and photographic reference material, I reach a point where the painting begins to speak louder than the reference material. Soon, the painting’s voice is so insistent that I am compelled to turn away from these tools and “listen” only to the painting. This marriage of artist’s hand and painting’s voice ultimately yields the soul, or essence, of my initial experience, be it a misty coastal scene or the majesty of the red rocks of Sedona.

Rhythm is another aspect that plays a major role in the development of each painting. As I paint, I am keenly aware of the need for rhythm or “flow” in order to speak to the atmosphere and spirit of the place or thing being painted. As the painting begins to take on its own life it also develops its own rhythm, cadence, and balance. It is always exciting for me to feel this magic happen on the canvas as I simultaneously remember that magical moment as I first experienced the scene.

Finally, it is my belief that each painting truly comes to life when the viewer completes the process by finding something personal and meaningful to them. My hope is that my work will inspire within you a quiet peace, a reflection upon the spiritual nature of our incredible world, a connection with something essentially good and lasting and pure.

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